Body Fig

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Man/Woman + Color
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Human models for artists.

The human form is one of the more challenging figures to draw correctly. Our joints bend and move in so many different ways that to correctly depict it on paper or a computer can be difficult to achieve without a model. Meet Body Fig, a realistic artistic model which gives you the artist the freedom to move in any pose or position as if you had a real human model in the room. These desktop models stand 7 inches tall and come with over 17 interchangeable hands and tools. Become the artist you have always dreamed of and improve your artistic abilities with Body Fig.


  • Highly Realistic - These figures can move and mimic the movements of a human. Created with the artist in mind!
  • Create Poses - Position your Body Fig however you would like to draw it. There are endless positions and possibilities, it's just up to your imagination.
  • Over 30 Joints - In order to achieve the movements of a human, there were over 30 Joints required and molded into one Body Fig.
  • 17 Attachments - Figures come with 17 different interchangeable hand poses and tools!
  • Desktop Size - Measuring at 15cm x 18cm these figures can be placed easily on any desk or flat surface.
  • Designed For Artists - Made with the artist in mind. Body fig is perfect for anyone who would like to improve their drawing skills and draw the human form correctly.