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A sewing machine in the palm of your hand!

Have you ever needed to quickly stitch a pocket or a rip? Don't have space or time to deal with a sewing machine? The QuickStitch™ is the perfect easy fix to any tear, rip or hem! This micro sized sewing machine replicates what a bulky heavy machine does in the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to wasted space and complicated sewing machines and say hello to the QuickStitch™. This product is truly a lifesaver! 


  • No Instructions Needed - Just pick it up and start sewing!
  • Strong & Durable - Strong enough to sew through hard fabrics, such as denim.
  • Gentle Sewing - Gentle enough to be used on delicate fabrics such as silk.
  • Battery Powered - Takes 4 x AA Batteries for portability (batteries not included)
  • Fixes Rips Easily - Quickly fix a rip or tear with ease!
  • On/Off Switch - Keeps you focused on sewing.
  • Tension Adjustment - Adjust tension based on different fabrics.
  • Extremely Portable - The QuickStitch is a sewing machine in the palm of your hand. Take it with you wherever you go!