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SoundPro was designed to accelerate athletes in performance by providing breathtaking audio (music + calls) through a completely wireless experience. It’s sweat proof, lightweight frame houses exceptional bass and uses the latest in Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which outperforms most wired headphones today. The one of a kind non-slip sport ear-fins will keep your earbuds in place on the slopes,in the gym, or on the track forever changing the way you train.

**Works perfectly with the new iPhone 7.

    • Anti-Slip Sport Ear-fins - Engineered to tuck perfectly in the crevice of your ear, itFit fins will help prevent any chance of your earbuds falling out.
    • Premium Bluetooth Audio- Flawless connection and unbelievably crisp sound through the latest in Bluetooth 4.1 Technology.
    • Rechargeable Battery- 5.5 hours of battery life housed into two tiny buds.
    • Sweat Proof - SoundPro Buds are sweat-resistant and designed to hand even the most intense workouts
    • CVC® Advance Audio- Enhanced audio experience during voice calls using CVC® Technology.
    • Designed For Athletes- Between the non-slip ear-fins and completely wireless experience itFit SoundPro Buds can handle any challenge!

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